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These mini packer trucks are equipped with a simple progressive shovel and a dump body which is unloaded by means of an ejection shield. Their load capacity is 6 cubic metres.


  • вместимость от 7.2 квадратных метров
модель KUNI 7
Dump body volume (m3)
Waste container dump body
Single body structure
Recommended set-ups on chassis with T.M.G (total mass on ground)
7000 ÷ 8500 kg
Compaction system
Simple, progressive loader
Manual / Single / Semi-automatic
Waste expulsion
Mobile bulkhead
Mini-compactor designed and built
with the possibility of performing waste transfer operations
Container turning device in loading aperture zone
In central position starting from bottom
CCTV system with 7” colour monitor and Rear View Camera

Mobile teeth on blade

Rear tailgate can be lowered to facilitate manual loading

Container pick up and turn device with COMB attachment

Container pick up and turn device with BOOM attachment for bins with DIN 1100 / DIN 1700 fitting

Container pick up and turn device with BOOM attachment for bins with BOLOGNA fitting

N. 1 or 2 rear platforms for carrying operators

Bin lid opening device to EN 840-3:2013 standard

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Подробное описание

The KUNI range of attachment supplied by TECNOINDUSTRIE MERLO S.p.A.comprises rear loading mini-compactors with a single dump body and unloading via the expulsion bulkhead; The KUNI is fitted with a simple single blade compaction system comprising a rotary connected to a small conrod ensuring a larger angle of rotation during the waste crushing movement. A bin pick-up, lifting and emptying system (optional) can be installed in a central position.

The attachment is compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and is certified by an independent notified body.

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